Alfonso's Restaurante and Catering

On and Off Premise Catering


Dave Epifano


Phone: 1-440-845-9610 Restaurant


E-mail address: cateringalfonsos@gmail.com



On Premise Catering


Shannon Henry


Phone: 1-440- 845- 9610


E-mail: shannon.henry73@gmail.com



Executive Chef


Anthony Rocco


Phone: 1-440-845-9610





Sous Chef


Michael Marich


Phone 1-440-845-9610


Dave Epifano- Owner


Phone: 1-440-845-9610


Cell: 1-440-821-6145



Whether it is a small intimate gathering or a large social event


our professional team of chefs and event coordinators are ready


to help arrange, organize and plan your special event. We truly


believe in our motto- "Great Food Priced Lower" and we will


do everything to prove it to you. Please contact our event team


today so we can design the perfect menu for you.




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